Motivate and Propel Your Car Restoration Project Faster Through Visualization

Motivate and Propel Your Car Restoration Project Faster Through Visualization

Any big car project requires a lot of perseverance to get through. There’s always that point when you’ve disassembled the car to its most basic components, to the point where it bears no resemblance whatsoever to a functional vehicle.

Left with such a pile of parts, it can be difficult to find the motivation to finish a project. As you stand in the sea of rusty metal, odd shaped brackets, and vaguely automotive hardware, you need colossal amounts of imagination to picture them ever coming together into the drivable machine of your dreams.

So give your imagination some help. Here are some great ways to picture your car project finished, so you can get motivated to push through the tough stuff along the way and you can buy the best corvette car covers for your vehicle.


Write down in detail what your finished project will be like. There’s no right or wrong format for this. Maybe a simple list of the hardware and hot-rod parts will turn your crank and get you stoked. Or perhaps you could put it in the form of a short description, like, “The most finely detailed, precisely restored 1958 Plymouth Fury ever to hit the streets.” Whatever you write, make it precise and detailed. And keep it close by so you can read it often.


Even more powerful than words are pictures. There are several great ways to get a visual rendition of your finished project. Perhaps the most popular are digital photos that are retouched and enhanced with software such as Adobe Photoshop. Granted, the program is expensive and kind of tricky to use well. But online discussion boards often allow access to people who love to retouch and visualize projects for members – usually at no cost. The other most common way is to have someone do a rendering for you. Such drawings typically require the services of a highly skilled artist, so such services can be pricey. But the upside is that such artwork makes a great companion to display alongside the finished car.


If you get to a point where some of the subassemblies are coming together, take a little time every once in a while to slap things together and do a little daydreaming. Maybe you’ve got the doors and the dash on the car, but nothing else in the interior. So what. Toss a milk crate in there, plop your butt down on it and imagine how cool it’s going to be tooling this machine down to your favorite show. Imagine everyone smiling and giving you the thumbs up. Hear the sound of the engine in your mind. Feels silly? Then do it when you know everybody is gone. I know you want to. Here’s permission – the future of your project might depend on it.


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