Sick of High Gas Prices? Get an Electric Car that Drives for Two Cents a Mile

Sick of High Gas Prices? Get an Electric Car that Drives for Two Cents a Mile

The price of a gallon of gas has easily tripled in the last decade, America’s dependence on middle-eastern oil continues to increase, and oil companies are making record profits while the consumer is stuck sitting paying ever-increasing prices to heat their homes and provide fuel for their vehicles. Gasoline prices haven’t gotten to the point where consumers are ready to make radical changes to their lifestyles yet, but eventually that day will come, and one company will be ready for them. American Electric is now producing a small electric vehicle that costs less than 2 cents a mile to operate.

Consider what it realistically costs to operate your vehicle. There’s the pure cost of gasoline which will make up the majority of the cost, but there’s also all sorts of maintenance and repairs that need to be done over time. You might easily be paying 30 cents a mile to drive in a typical vehicle, or upwards of 40 cents a mile in a larger truck. Now there’s an option that lets you drive for just under 2 cents a miles.

American Electric is now producing a small completely-electric 1080lb car, called the Kurrent, that can be operated for next to nothing. It’s 92 inches long, 50 inches wide, and has a 4.1 KW electric motor. It currently can go about 100 miles on flat-ground at 35 miles per hour. There’s certainly a lot to be desired in range and performance, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. You can recharge the vehicle by plugging it into a standard 110-volt household outlet.

Since the vehicle is completely electric, it requires very little maintenance to keep running. You’ll never need to replace the oil on this car, and chances are it’ll be a decade before you have to replace the breaks since the electric motor provides 90% of the breaking force.

You can buy a new Kurrent for about $10,000 right now. As research and development continues and competition increases, the prices will likely decrease overtime. Imagine paying around $5,000 for a new vehicle!
The company is primarily marketing these chevy corvette car cover to large retirement communities in Florida and California, but there are a number of situations where one of these vehicles would make economic sense. If you live in rural America and don’t do a lot of driving outside of your small town, a Kurrent is a great option for you. The Kurrent won’t do well for long excursions on the road, but will do a great job taking you to and from work every day.

The Kurrent itself won’t change America’s paradigm of driving, but as time goes on, these completely-electric vehicles will be cheaper to produce and much more powerful, making them very attractive to the average consumer.


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