Simple Car Maintenance Tips and Auto Essentials

Simple Car Maintenance Tips and Auto Essentials

In the current financial climate, many car owners will be tempted to avoid getting the vehicle serviced, due to the cost. However, this is usually worth doing as it can typically save both time and money in the long run. In addition to getting a proper service every two years, there are several other ways one can maintain a car, without the need of expensive garage bills. While providing, practice driving online in California, simple car maintenance tips are also provided.

Simple Car Maintenance Tips – Change Oil and Air Filters and Rotate Tyres

Aim to change the oil as recommended for the vehicle make, if this is unknown then it is best to do this every 3,000 miles. Local garages tend to be more helpful and some will offer to check both the oil and fluid levels when purchasing petrol.

If one is not car-savvy, it is well worth finding out which garages in the area are able to offer this helpful free service. Air filters should be changes at least annually, with some makes requiring more frequent changes than others. As highlighted by Maggio in The Art of Organizing Anything, changing the air filters not only helps in terms of keeping them clean, but this will also likely help to improve the car’s performance.

In addition to change oil and air filters, it is recommended that tyres be rotated approximately every 4-5,000 miles. Again, this does not require going to a garage, providing one has the necessary tools, such as a jack to lift up the car when removing and replacing tyres.

Auto Essentials – Maps, Torch and Escape Hammer

Unless one has Sat Nav, it is useful to have both local and national maps to hand, which may be stored in the glove compartment. A torch is another absolute essential for the car, which may also be stored in the glove compartment. If one runs into difficulty whilst driving at night, a torch will help one to access help, or locate and hopefully fix whatever is wrong. Even a mini-torch, such as a Maglite will suffice, with the benefit of having a Maglite being that it can be clipped onto the car keys keyring, making it easily accessible in an emergency.

An escape hammer may seem like a strange auto essential, but it can save lives when used in an emergency situation. This life-saving object will be able to break windows, allowing one to escape in water or if the car has flipped over in a crash. As identified by Maggio, the sharp blade can be used to cut through a seat-belt which has become stuck, while many escape hammers will also have a red flashing light and a bright beam, useful for attracting attention and warning other drivers of an accident.

As highlighted above, car maintenance need not be expensive, with some garages offering free oil, fluid and tyre compression checks, when calling in for petrol. Key auto essentials for car safety, typically include a torch (such as a Maglite), maps or Sat Nav and an escape hammer. An iPhone may also be handy, as it can double up as a torch and Sat Nav all in one.


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