What Car to Buy If You Are Not Ready to Be a Minivan Mom

What Car to Buy If You Are Not Ready to Be a Minivan Mom

If you have a growing family and you are not ready to be a minivan mom, there are a few options that you can consider. With only two kids, your family can fit into almost any vehicle. But, what if you have three or more kids?

Are you destined for minivan land?

The SUV Route

Of course there are other options; you just need to do your research to see what chevrolet corvette car covers are right for you. First up is the SUV. A sports utility vehicle is a logical choice if you need a vehicle with room; and it is appealing to the eye.

However, as gas prices continue to fluctuate, many potential SUV families are steering away from the gas guzzlers. Even with a negative factor, such as the amount and cost of gas to run a SUV, SUVs come in a variety of sizes from a Honda CR-V to Chevrolet Suburban which keeps them in the competition. Keep in mind though that the bigger the SUV, the lower your gas mileage will be for your vehicle. Bigger is not always better, but it can be a requirement if you have a boat or trailer that you need to tow.

The Station Wagon

If you need the space, but not the towing capability, you can always select with a station wagon. Station wagons are no longer the panel wagons we remember of yester-year. Still, they hold the same, traditional features, such as a sedan body style with much more cargo space. The only con is that seating may still be limited, depending on which model you buy.

Although station wagons have declined in popularity (in part because of the minivan), it is still possible to find new station wagons for sale. A few popular models include the Dodge Magnum and the Volkswagen Passat. In addition, other vehicle makers that sport a wagon model include Mazda, Volvo, and BMW.

The Full-Size Sedan

Nowadays, most full-size sedans are equipped with three shoulder belts across the backseat, which allows for three child car seats and/or booster seats. Most sedans, like the Impala, also offer ample storage space in the trunk. And, who can resist the handle and style of a sleek car?

In contrast to all of the vehicles above, sedans are also known to get above-average gas mileage ranging from 24 to 30 MPG. For a growing, but still small family, this is always a promising choice.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that being the owner of a minivan depends on your personality. For most, the minivan perception says you are practical and that you take care of anyone from the neighborhood kids to your elderly grandparents. On the other hand, a SUV can say that you are still sporty and fun. In general, though, the difference between minivan owners and sports utility vehicle owners is psychological, as well as superficial. It all boils down to how they look on the outside and how they are perceived by others.

Regardless of what you pick or if you are ready to be a minivan mom, you should find a vehicle that fits your budget and your style. After all, you are going to be the one that drives this vehicle every day for the next year or two (or ten).


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